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Do you fancy going out for a walk in Altea ?
Let's discover what you can expect in this beautiful place.

First, we have to answer the most important question : Why Altea? Spain is famous for its coastlines, beaches and great holiday spots to spend the best time with your family and disconnect from the rest of the world.

So, why would you choose Altea for your next vacation ?

Well you will find the long story in this guide : we are going to tell you all about it. You will discover all that you can do or see in Altea. But for the short one, here it is:

In Altea you won’t have to choose or renounce because it has all you need for the perfect holidays.

Enjoy the sea, the mountain, the calm, the adrenaline, and also disconnection and entertainment. All of that in a well preserved natural environment. It is not surprising to find

Altea on the list of the most beautiful places in Spain. The following video should tempt you.

Not too bad to get started, right ?
Now that we have awaken your curiosity, let’s move on to the next step to discover Altea. Follow us on that journey !

Is Altea in province of Alicante or was it Valencia? is it far from Benidorm, or Calpe? First we have to clear up the uncertainty about the location.
Altea is located in Comunitat Valenciana, concretely in the province of Alicante and in a region known as Marina Baja. It is 55 km away from Alicante and 90 km from Valencia.

With Calpe to the north and Benidorm to the south, it is a central point to stay and to visit those mythic places. We are situated in Altea Bay, in the middle of the Costa Blanca, the Sierra
Helada and Puig Campaña.

Altea is not only close to the 3 main cities of our province, it is also to the 2 airports. That offers an easy way to come by plane.

If you prefer the car, we get major roads and highway to come straight to Altea. Good roads, easily accessible, and even more if you decide to trust us for your trip (one of the services we offer as a local assistant is to pick you up and take you to the airport, or to help you
rent a car or other vehicle to move around Altea).

As you can see, it but… What about the weather ? Here is a clue : we are in the Mediterranean.
This cannot be bad.

No matter the originating country of our visitors, the main question before coming here is always the same : how’s the weather in Altea?

Well this is one of the best part of this area : the climate. With an average annual temperature of 18 degrees and only 47 days of rainfall, the weather in Altea is Mediterranean, warm in summer and mild in winter, perfect to come to visit us at any time of the year.


You don’t have to be waiting for the summer to enjoy a
nice time in Altea. Any season is perfect to discover the city !


And now, let’s talk about the popular spots of the city.

When you think about Altea, you might think about its most famous areas like Altea Hills, the historic center, Altea la Vella and last but not least, the beaches.

If you are thinking about Altea as your next travel destination, we are pretty sure that you are a beach lover. That is perfect, because with more than 6 kilometers of coastline, it is one of its strong points. With pebbles and small coves to get lost in, these are some of the beaches you can enjoy in Altea:

• Cap Negret: perfect for its stillness, crystal clear water, and beautiful landscapes
• Playa de l’Espigó: Protected by two breakwaters, this beach offers one of the better views to the Sierra.
• La Roda: Located close to the city center, it is quite popular, easily accessible and surrounded with a lot of shops and restaurants.
• Cap Blanch: This is the larger one, it goes up to the neighboring municipality of Alfaz del Pi.
• La Olla: If you have a pet, and you are looking for a nice and peaceful place, this is the beach you are looking for.
• Galera Solsida: in this nudist beach you will enjoy the sea and the sun with all the tranquility.
• El Mascarat: Privileged location, it has views of the Sierra de Bernia and also a nudist cove.

You see: whatever you are looking for, there is a beach waiting for you with its blue flag and its warm water. Once you are done with the playa, you are going to need a good shower and then going for a walk in the historic center of Altea.

Here we go !

The whitewashed houses of the old town will make you fall in love, with its streets full of flowers and its route that descends until it reaches the sea. The historic center of Altea is full of small craft shops with clothes and accessories, all around throughout the tour. It will be difficult not to take a souvenir home with you!

Handicraft is so important here. Actually, we have been celebrating the Altea Crafts Show every summer since 1983. During this special occasion, the historic center is full of stands where artisans share their creations. Another perfect excuse to come on your next vacation.
But there is more, much more..

We already started to tell you what to expect with the mountain, the beaches, the historic center… and now we have to continue with other matters like What to do in Altea ?

A large number of options are available so don’t hesitate to take some notes !

Best things to do in Altea for holidays ? In addition to the beaches and the cute center, Altea offers much more options, especially if you are coming with the will to experience some leisure activities.

If you like water-sports, we highly recommend you to try out the sea-kayaking, the jet-ski or to rent a license-free boat. Enjoy the calm waters in the Mediterranean with your family or friends. You will find a fishing port and a marina, with the famous Club Naútico de Altea, so you can imagine that nautical activities are not missing. Now that we have seen the sea part, let’s continue with the mountain ! If you like hiking or cycling routes, the mountains that surround Altea offer you options for all tastes, duration and level. Whether you come with children or want to challenge yourself, you will find the perfect route to spend a day in the middle of nature, looking at the mountains, between caves and with the sea in the background. Who says you can’t have it all?

On this link you will find 19 hiking trails in Altea. Feel free to pick the best option for you. And for culture lovers, we are proud to have a varied offer. It definitely worth a visit !

Our city is not only sea and mountain, nature and sports. It is also culture, a lot and a beautiful culture. Not in vain it has been recognized as a Cultural capital of the Valencian region !

The truth is that many painters, poets, authors (as Rafael Alberti o Vicente Blasco Ibáñez), singers, sculpture and ceramic artists have chosen this corner of the Mediterranean to find the inspiration.

They are the ones who turned Altea into a bohemian and charming place.

To enjoy the culture and architecture, you just have to walk through the streets of the city to see hermitages and churches, such as the famous Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo with its two domes (which have given it the surname of “La cupola del Mediterraneo ”) or even the first Orthodox church that was built in Spain

You can also visit the Torre de la Galera or Torre de Bellaguarda, el Palau Altea, our seafront promenade, or the Old town. Enjoy our miradors with the amazing view : don’t miss the Mirador de los Cronistas de España, from which you see Benidorm and the “peñón de Ifach” of Calpe. And for sure, we have some Museum too : the Navarro Ramón Museum in the Cultural center, and also the Casal del Festero Museum to admire the typical period clothes of moros y cristianos.

Between june and september, you will be lucky to witness some fiestas in Altea, such as the “plantà de l’Arbret” (a festivity with more than three centuries of history), or the renowned Moros y Cristianos taking place at the end of September. December and February have their fiestas too. There is always a good reason to come to Altea and be a part of those ancient traditions.

Besides fiestas and culture, we also have legends, like la cova del frare or el mascarat. But these, we want to tell you first hand.

We are sure that all this festivity has whetted your appetite. And if something always goes with celebrations, it is definitely good food. We now have to make a stop at some of the many restaurants in Altea. Let’s go !

To get to know where to eat in Altea is not an easy question. There are so many options that, except if you are staying for one month, you will have to think a lot about it. For this reason, one of our best services is to help you to find the best restaurant according to your wishes. This way, you are sure to find what you really want. In Altea, we have some restaurants with character, as Ca Joan Altea. Some magical places are also waiting for you, like the Jardín de los Sentidos. New places are constantly opening, bringing modernity and avant-guardist food. You will also find flavours from all over the world.

To help along with all this offer, we have divided the restaurants by areas and food type: this way, it will be easier to find where to eat an amazing rice or a typical seafood like the striped red prawn of Denia.

Beach restaurants
Part of the restaurants in Altea are to find on the waterfront. Those are to mention :
• Il Timone
• Diferens

Restaurants in the old town :
If you are having a walk in the old town, don’t forget to get some tapas and eat or have diner in one of its best restaurants :
• Oustau
• El Castell
• Crown of India

Other areas :
To eat in Altea, you won’t regret to discover also those famous places :
• Los Jazmines
• Ca Joan

Without exaggerating, gastronomy is one of the best part of Altea. One more reason to go to
Altea for the holidays !

After reading this and discover all the possibilities in Altea, we are pretty sure that you are already packing your bags. Or at least thinking about it.
So here goes our last recommendation : the place is nothing if you don’t choose well where to sleep.


A bad accommodation could ruin your dream holidays.

We all know those stories : arriving to a place that has nothing to do with the pictures you saw on the website, or the place is not clean, or some important stuff is missing… Time flies, especially during holidays, so everything has to be perfect when you arrive. In this area, so many options are available… apartments, hostels, hotels, villas, houses.

Obviously, we will highly recommend you to stay with us. Because if you do so, we will help you to chose the better house for you and your family, and we will be at your disposal during all your stay.

This is how to enjoy Altea, from start to finish.

What a journey together in Altea !

We hope that you liked it enough to come here for your next vacation. We are convinced that you wont regret it.

And remember, if you want to enjoy Altea :