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This is not a services page: this is where your vacation begins.

Ok, you have already decided that Altea will be your next vacation spot. Cool! You couldn’t have chosen a better place. But what else could we say, when you think about the fact that we are 2 lovers of this land ?

Now we will have to take care about those details, the important ones to get that perfect travel from start to finish, instead of thinking about “what the heck are we doing here ?”. In this case, this will be the fist point. We promise.
Are you ready ? Let’s go !

Holiday Rentals Management. When you read it this way, it’s sounds pretty cold, right ? That is so far from the truth.

Those words are hiding a service created and offered by the people and for the people. And also a professional team, ready to make you spend the best time, no matter what you expect:

Mostly relaxing, or with many activities, focusing on the
gastronomy, going for a trek with your walking boots, or maybe just disconnecting from the rest of the world.

Before this happens, we still have a lot of choices to make, right ? Here is where the travel starts, just before you leave. Here is also starting our Local Assistant service, ready to help you to choose the best holiday home or apartment in Altea.
Let’s start traveling…


No matter how beautiful the houses we have available are, not all of them are the best option for you. It depends on how many you are, if you have a pet, and what you are planing to do during your holidays… With this in mind, we determine which home or apartment suits you the best and reach your needs.

This is the best way to start your holidays.
Are you one of those who always plan everything before leaving ? No problem : you just have to contact us and tell us what you are aiming to do, what do you like, and we will get started. If you prefer to arrive and decide while on the go, that is great ! We will be there for whatever you need. For example to pick you up. And this is the next step.


The moment you arrive is a great moment. You are coming with a lot of expectations, planning to explore this new place, to take time for yourself, to enjoy a good time with family or friends. This good feeling can turn into a nightmare, for example if you don’t find the place, if no one is there to welcome you, or if you deal with a delay in the delivery of the keys. There is no need to mention those cases, when the house or the apartment is all but the one that you saw on the pictures, with low standard of cleanliness and hygiene

The devil is in the details. We are here to make sure that all is perfect.

This will be your arrival to Altea with us :
• If you need someone to pick you up at the airport and to get you to the place, we can make this happen.
• Do you need to rent a car to move around ? A motorbike, a bicycle, or maybe a van for all the family
? We will help you to get it.
• If you need some instructions to get to the place, we will be on the phone, and already there to welcome you.

When you get there, we will be in the house that you chose, making sure that everything is perfectly prepared, clean, disinfected, nice and tidy. We will give you the keys, and will be at your disposal if you need some advice about anything : what to do around, what to see, where to eat, anything. We won’t let you there, alone with two poor maps : tell us which Altea you want, and you will get it.

¡Ah! And we have a surprise for you inside the apartment (shhhh…).
That is not bad, right ?


Now you are here in Altea. You got there without trouble, or we picked you up at the airport. You have checked the house and seen that this is even better than expected. Now what ?

Now you decide ! 

• If you didn’t ask for any recommendations when you arrived, feel free to do so whenever you need to. We know Altea and all the surroundings. You just have to ask.
• Do you wish to practice some water-sports ? You will find some license-free boat rentals, you can also go sea-kayaking or ride a jet-ski…
• And if you are looking for nature and hiking paths, you will be amazed by all the views and wild landscapes.

But wait: What about the less glamorous side of the holidays ? You just arrived to the spot and you are already thinking about the laundry, or the cooking, when all you wanted to do was to chill and relax.

No panic, we have it all under control. Remember : you are here to enjoy your holidays, from start to finish

And this is how :

• No cleaning : you can request our cleaning services during your stay. It includes changing sheets and towels.
• Forget about the laundry thanks to our laundry on-demand service : we come to take the clothes, and we bring it back all clean and ready whenever you need it.
• Let the kitchen to our private chef : hire a private chef and let him blow your mind. He will buy the food, cook it for you, serve it and clean so you can relax.

You may need it or not, but you will always have those options available anytime so you can enjoy the best part of the holidays.


As we already came to pick you up when you arrived, we can take you back there when you return. You need transport to the airport, you have it. And if you want to buy some souvenir of the town, we will tell you where to find it.

The time will come to say goodbye. We would love to know how was your trip, and if we can do something more to be even better when you’ll come back. Because we are sure that you will want to come back, again and again.

You cannot discover Altea in one go. And when you come back we will be there, waiting for you with a big smile.


*We have been 2 families staying at this beautiful house. Everything you need is supplied and the place is super clean. Lovely decor with the swimming-pool, barbecue, sofas, outdoor shower… It is fantastic ! I have to say also that Luis is an amazing host, always on hand if we needed anything
*This is the perfect place, even if we had a little issue with the TV they have find a solution right away. Would absolutely recommend staying here to family & friends.

Cozy and functional, with air conditioning. Very convenient location.

Coming to Altea with us will bring you the serenity, and let you enjoy a clean and disinfected house, with everything you need to feel well. Moreover, you won’t be alone as we are here to ensure that your stay is memorable, offering lots of helpful local tips.
This is what is called “integral service in rentals”, some big words hiding something much more simple :

Being there when you need us, and for anything you need.

Even if you just need us to bring you the keys, as if you need some more help, you can have it all with just one call.

Are you ready for some holidays in Altea ? We are waiting for you.

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