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Redi's story has 3 main characters.

Do you want to know them ?


We would like to tell you a story with 3 protagonists…

“Tesy, my dear, stop strolling and come back home”.
Hi, I am Tesy and the one talking up there is my mother a few years ago, when I was still living in the family house. I was spending hours exploring my town and all its corners.

As you can see, I am lucky enough to be native of this area. I was born and raised in Altea. All my life I roamed its streets, its mountain paths, I enjoyed the beaches, the restaurants, the shops as all the cultural and leisure activities.


And you know what ? Altea never stops surprising me. There is
always something new to discover and to experience.

Therefore, after finishing my studies and traveling around the word, I realized that Altea where the place I really wanted to be. This is how I decided to expand the family business of laundry and give it a new dimension. But I was not alone during the process. I had the help of someone without whom none of this would exist.

This is when goes on stage the second protagonist of our story…

Hi, I am Luis, Madrid native but now living in Alicante. After meeting Tesy and Altea I had no choice : they have both won my heart. Now I am marketing manager and Local Assistant of the company, along with Tesy. This means I am your contact person in Altea, who will pick you up and make sure that your holidays are as amazing as expected (and even more) And it is not just the two of us. We also have a team working out with us to keep the accommodations in the best conditions. People for cleaning and private chef… we have all you need.

Furthermore, we are working with a big company in the background to offer you simultaneously a customized service with the advantages of a multinational corporation. This is a 2in1 for your holidays : proximity and professionalism: Quality and Quantity, speed of reaction and empathy to respect your own space.


Everything needed for someone willing to spend the best holiday in Altea.

And this someone leads us to the third and the most important character of this story…

Guess who? Exactly: you.

You, who have decided to enjoy a big time with your family or friends, in one of the best spot of the Spanish country. You gambled on a holiday without nasty surprises, without this feeling to be just one more booking…

We like genuine job.

This is why we receive reviews like this one:

Absolutely fabulous. The house exceeded our expectations. The house itself was very clean, well presented and had everything that we needed. I wanted to mention that Luis was very professional and kind. Very friendly, and he paid a close attention that we get all we need. We would definitely come back José María S.

Do you want to know us a little more?

• We are crazy about cleanliness and order: we check every house conscientiously and we don’t publish it in our catalogue until it gets our green light
• We absolutely love decoration and design, and we only work with owners or companies that take care of their homes.
• When we are not working, we love enjoying some hiking trail or a walk on the beach with our two dogs and our cat.
• Trust in each other and in our team is one of the keys to our success: here we all know what we have to do, and we do it the best we can.
• Money doesn’t mean everything to us, your satisfaction does. We have learned that taking care of it is what will make us grow.

And that’s it ! Is this story over ?
Not at all ! It’s just getting started !

We will continue to offer you the best experience, increasing our offer, our services and utilities, without forgetting about the most important : being next to you every time you need it. If you want to be part of this experience, and of the people who already trusted us for their vacation in Altea, we are eager to meet you !

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